Kakuro! Another newspaper favourite!


Inspired by reading the free Guardian newspaper this week in the bar I thought I'd concoct my first Kakuro puzzle!

All you have to do is put a digit from 1 to 9 in every white square so that the vertical or horizontal 'blocks' of white squares add up to the number written at the top of the block (if vertical) or at the right hand side of the block (if horizontal). The only other restriction is that you can't have the same digit more than once in any block (e.g. 6 = 3 + 3) isn't acceptable.

Have fun!!! Sorry for the lack of recent content too!




Ah so THAT's a Su Doku!

I made one of these recently for someone... So I thought I'd share it. It's got a difficulty of 48 (whatever that means) and it is a Su Doku (sorry!). Just so everyone knows. You have to enter the digits from 1-9 in every row, bolded out 3x3 box and column once only. Boring eh? That's why I was reluctant to start constructing them to start with but they are ok I guess!

There you go... happy days to you all!


Slitherlink (I'm just glad it isn't hyphenated)


I did have a bigger one but I sold it to Lancaster for £100 with two other unpublished puzzles which will appear on a promotional poster later this year. It will be available online and I will post a link when it materialises.

Click the slitherlink tag for instructions. Make a loop. Break a leg!

Have fun

(seriously... I have nothing more important to do than checkin e-mails)

Your Knights Just Got Pawned!

Sexy Chess Puzzle (because you rook so wovely tonight)

Haha! I managed to get squeeze another one out this month! (If you didn't realise, the other one was an April Fools Puzzle... the answer being 'they all start with 'jelly' '). But no jokes here! This is an actual puzzle!

Welcome to Chess Solitaire! 

1.Choose a piece
2. Use it to take another piece. It must be of an opposing colour. (all pieces move as they would in chess, the pawns can only move one place diagonally).
3. Once you take a piece... you become it! So if you take a white knight with a black bishop, your next move is as a white knight kay? Then you could only take black pieces... and so on.
4. You cannot AT ANY POINT move across the centre square. No move may pass over it. (e.g. the black rook on the centre left can't take the white rook centre right.
5. Try and clear as many pieces as you can. If you are unable to move, you end your game. Try and clear all the pieces and use your last piece to land in the centre square (the ONLY time you are allowed to do this). 

Good luck!

Jak -- ridleyismyguru@hotmail.co.uk (solutions, questions, ideas, suggestions)

Jelly! Jelly! Jelly!

Jelly Puzzle!

What letters can be placed to make words involving our favorite dessert?

1. Jelly???
2. Jelly????
3. Jelly?????

Have fun!


Seaman's puzzle

A challenge for all sailors!


Pick any square you like in the 'sea'. From there you must follow the direction of the wind only (N=North=directly upwards) as far as you like until you decide to stop on another square. You cannot go outside of the 'sea'. When you stop on a square you must do this again, following the direction of the wind written in the square you last stopped on. 

My challenge to you is to pick any square you like and start sailing and to get back to the square you started from visiting every other square exactly once before you get back. 

Jak- ridleyismyguru@hotmail.co.uk (heh, seamen...)

Tea Time Teaser

Otto Janko categorises puzzles in terms of their difficulty/time taken to solve and their size, but has failed to produce a system that organises puzzles by a quality known as their 'cuteness' (a term coined by ZM). This, puzzle I decree as 'cute' with a factor 6 out of 10. lol. 

if you want to send anything to ridleyismyguru@hotmail.co.uk for a verification I'll reply but if you get it, you've got it.

Jak (not dead)

Chatroom puzzle! (In colour!)

I've been getting many emails from Mr. Janko telling me about various logical puzzles popular in Germany. This one was quite fun so I made my own example of it.  The idea is that there are a bunch of people using red computers (those red squares) who are connected to people using the purple computers (the purple squares - they have dots in them for those of you who are colourblind) via the "Internet" (which are those very pretty globes I have drawn in). All you have to do is figure out who is connected to whom and how they are connected.

1.Okay, first off. Every red computer and every purple computer must be connected to exactly one globe. They are connected by straight lines with no junctions or branches (making paths as you would in Masyu so that a path line can only enter/exit a square through the midpoint of one its sides and only one section of line is permitted per square). A line can either go straight through a square or make a 90 degree turn.

2. If a terminal has a number in it, the path connecting it to the "Internet" globes must have exactly the amount of 90 degree turns as specified by that number. Unnumbered terminals have no restriction on 90 degree turns in their paths to the Internet. Any given Internet globe must be the endpoint of exactly one red and one purple terminal.

3. Every square in the grid must be visited by exactly one path exactly once. 

Have fun! More puzzles on the way! 

Jak - ridleyismyguru@hotmail.co.uk (remember, when in chatrooms, pretend you are fat... it adds mystery)

Deja Yu! (er.. I've done another Masyu)

All hail Otto! He has brought you Masyu!
The amazing intellectual playground known as www.janko.at have now completed plans to launch an interactive Masyu applet online for the end of the month. To celebrate I have tried to make an OTTO tribute puzzle. It was almost perfect with the corresponding letters being made out of opposite colours but I couldn't quite squeeze a white circle in the top right 'T'. Nonetheless it is a devious puzzle which is still worthy of the OTTO brand even if i do say so myself. You can find out how to play it by clicking the 'masyu' tab at the bottom.

But basically. Make a single loop with no junctions/branches in the grid so that it passes through every circle. The single continuous line must make a 90 degree turn on black circles but must not do so before or after these circles in the path. As for the white circles, the path must pass straight through them and make a 90 degree turn before and/or afte
r these circles in the path. No diagonal lines please.



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